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Thinking back on our struggle to develop the fishing industry over the past 50 years, we are deeply moved by the support, affection, and respect we have received from all quarters. It took us a tremendous amount of sweat, hardship, and heartbreak to get from the pioneering period to our size and success of today. After working closely as a team, receiving the affirmation of society at large is the greatest reward of our growth. The key to our sustainable management has always been our belief in "professionalism, sincerity, and trustworthiness."

We continuously invest in upgrading our hardware equipment, and our production processes are strictly controlled. This attention to quality has enabled us to win Taiwan's Superior Product Award and CAS and HACCP certification. It is our responsibility to ensure that consumers can eat our products with peace of mind, knowing that they are healthful, and we continue to work hard to innovate, strengthen our service, improve our professionalism, and provide superior products rewarding consumers for their support.

Hsin Lung was founded in 1978 as a traditional manufacturer. However, in recent years, due to major shifts in lifestyles, the company had to pursue sustainability through upgrading competitiveness, via better quality products. Fortunately, the Fisheries Agency recommended Dr. Chin-Cheng Huang of the Food Industry Research and Development Institute, who strongly advocated better fishery quality and freshness, as well as the importance of hygiene management in the quality assurance process. The complexities of these requirements resulted in several conflicts with Dr. Huang, but in the end he prevailed, impressing us with his fifty-plus years of experience in dealing with mackerel. We added mechanical stainless steel equipment to our production process, and made major shifts to our production environment. We also obtained CAS certification, to guarantee healthy and hygienic produce for our customers. Our efforts were rewarded with bountiful catches in Nanfang Ao, the home of the mackerel in Taiwan. We are grateful for the assistance from the Fisheries Agency and from Dr. Huang, and we welcome further feedback and suggestions from the public.