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Hsin Lung Fresh Fish

To maintain optimal freshness, fish are stored in ice as soon as they are caught, and are subjected to a two-stage selection process while still in a low-temperature environment. We maintain the highest standards of sanitation and quality, and select only fish that is perfectly fresh and has good-textured flesh for export. Our export products include mackerel, bonito, hard-tailed scad, black-tailed scad, horse mackerel, and red- tailed scad.

Freezing process

Hsin Lung Fresh Produce

Our personnel are equipped with dust-proof clothes and headgear when they work with the fresh catches, delivered directly from the harbors. Selection, cleaning, and salinity control are all carefully conducted, before the products are sterilized and vacuum packed. The entire process takes place at a temperature of -40°C, to ensure the freshness of the seafood. With bountiful and reliable catches, we are able to offer a wide variety of sea produce to our customers.

Freezing process

Fresh Hsin Lung Products